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How to do it?

The solution is a measuring set for one or three-phases measurement of electrical energy consumption. You can connect the measuring set yourself or you can order the installation by professional company. The measuring current transformers are attached on cables behind the main electricity meter. Then they are connected to the radio transmitter T, which sends data about current consumptions on individual phases to communication panel G several times per second. Communication panel sends data to myEnergis data center through the existing internet router. After the registration on the portal you have your actual data available at any time.

With you get:

  • Energy consumption displayed in real-time
  • Time series of your consumption minute by minute
  • Comparison of energy consumption hour by hour, day by day or month by month
  • Comparison of energy consumption with energy standards
  • Forecast of your energy budget
  • Alerts before your energy bill goes up
myEnergis is a professional energy management tool that is simple enough for anyone to use.