INSTAR ITS Ostrava, a.s.

20 years experience


Do you want to increase your profit?

Optimization of internal business processes is the only field where the enterprise management has full control to increase the profit. Especially important are the energy demanding processes or processes of energy supply. In present you cannot imagine such optimization without high-quality energy information system. Investment in energy information system commonly brings in the savings of energy costs at least 5% of total bill for energies and fuels. How?

Cost cut-down

Productivity improvement

Quality improvement

Energy information system is not only about somehow collecting data and somehow processing them. Most important thing is that all the informations and all the data should be absolutely transparent, consistent, anyplace and anytime ready to use. All this and not only this provides IS ENERGIS including 15-years-old expirience of programmers, consultants and end users. All this time IS ENERGIS serves to the end users in continuous improvement of their business processes and proves that these 5% of savings seem to be rather in some of them it was even few months only.