INSTAR ITS Ostrava, a.s.

20 years experience

Properties of IS ENERGIS

Open architecture
Independent of data source hardware, operating system, and database. Can be implemented with SAIA, LandisGyr, Honeywell, Siemens, ABB, Compaq, Sun, HP, IBM, Linux, Unixs, MS Windows NT, Progress, Oracle, SQL Server, Wonderware, RTX, Procontrol P, Control WEB, …
Advanced program package
10 years of continuous development of software and its philosophy. Proven implementations in the energy, petrol-chemical, and manufacturing industries.
Data security
Access to data and functions protected by user ID / password.
Multilingual versions
Currently available in Czech, English, German, Polish and Slovak.
Fault tolerant
Prevention of data loss caused by operating system failure.
Modification of parameters
Easily maintained by the user.
Limitless. Can be re-configured to accommodate organizational changes within the company, data sources, and amount of users.
Detailed analytical capabilities.