INSTAR ITS Ostrava, a.s.

20 years experience


Project Management

Besides the implementation of ENERGIS itself, there are often demands on the installation of measuring instruments, data concentrators, telemetric systems, computer network and computer hardware. System integration of various data sources and information systems belong today to common requirements of our customers although the implementation of these requirements is very demanding on the coordination of various subcontractors. However, our project managers are able to reach their goals in the quality and time required.


Operation of such information and control system as ENERGIS involves also qualified workers to administer hardware of operating system and to parameterize the application itself. In case the customer does not have these capacities or his intention is to take them out as a service from the core business, the company INSTAR is capable to deliver these services.



Penetration of the Internet to business information systems enabled outhosting which allows end users to make the best of most of the functions of ENERGIS without the necessity of investing to the implementation of the system.

The company INSTAR ITS provides within this service the following

User gets connected via standard Internet browsers following all rules for data protection.

Technical Support

The technical support division of INSTAR ITS is dealing with immediate implementational and operational problems the end user meets using ENERGIS.